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General Guidelines on Attire, Accessories, and Grooming for Women Preparing for a Professional Interview

  • Two-piece  business suit in solid color (navy, black, grey and deep brown are safe bets) or subtle weave pattern
  • A quality, well-tailored suit is a good investment
  • Avoid ill-fitting (short, tight, clingy or slit) skirts; skirt should be no higher than the knee when standing
  • White, off-white or neutral colored blouse or shell; no camisoles unless worn under a blouse
  • Conservative neck lines are extremely important; low-cut tops and other clothes that are too revealing will ruin your chance to make a professional impression
  • Closed-toe leather pumps with low to medium heels (no higher than 2 inches); avoid open-toe, strappy high heels, sandals or shoes with decorations
  • Skin-colored hosiery; no bare legs!
  • Portfolio or leather-bound pad in place of a handbag or purse; no backpack
  • Conservative nail polish; avoid unusual colors
  • Understated makeup
  • Understated classic accessories
  • Small stud earrings instead of dangling or larger styles
  • A wristwatch and no more than one ring per hand
  • Well-groomed hairstyle; avoid unusual styles and colors; long hair controlled or pulled back in a neat, simple style
  • No cologne or perfume (recruiter may be allergic)
  • No visible body piercing, including multiple earrings
  • No visible body art; cover tattoos with clothing
  • If using breath mints, finish before greeting recruiter. No gum!

Conduct a quick mirror check if possible...teeth clean, hair combed, shoes free of lawn debris or dirt, nails clean


Interview Suits for Women

Women's Professional Attire 1

 Typically, skirt suits are preferable to pantsuits for a professional interview.



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