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FAQ - General 

  • What is Employopedia?
    • Employopedia is designed to be an employment encyclopedia!  The aim is to be much more than a job board.  Although you can find many pieces of employment information out on the web, never before have you been able to find so much in one place!  We are constantly updating and adding information, so this website will continue to grow in resources available to you.
  • What kind of events do you post?
    • We post any kind of events that are focused on hiring.  This includes college career fairs, public job fairs, company-specific hiring fairs, job-skills training sessions, virtual fairs, and any other kind of career event that may come our way.  We scour the web for these events, but it is hard to catch them all!  Because of the sheer volume of events, we encourage people to submit events they are hosting here.
  • Where does your information come from?
    • We have contributors from many employment related backgrounds including Human Resources, Staffing & Recruiting, College Career Services, Occupational Therapy, Consulting, etc.  With that in mind, we also realize that there is information out there that we either cannot cover, or that has already been put together very well.  In those cases, we just point you to the right resources!  We don't care if it is brought to you by us or another source, we just care that all of the resources are available to you!
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